Youth Skill Building & Employment Training

Safe and Successful Youth Initiative (SSYI)



The Safe and Successful Youth Initiative (SSYI) is a multi-faceted strategy for reducing youth violence. SSYI provides funding to support a coordinated intervention strategy in partnership with community-based organizations, education, training, and workforce development programs that also include street outreach, trauma counseling, and case management support. Massachusetts implemented SSYI in 2011, awarding grants to 11 communities that demonstrated the highest rates of youth violence: Boston, Brockton, Chelsea, Fall River, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford, Springfield, and Worcester.


  • AIR Report City Profiles

    Provides data on cities being served by SSYI funds. Snapshot includes the network of service providers, crime trends in each city compared to that of the larger SSYI network, and data on community conditions associated with youth and violence in the relevant community.
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  • SSYI Propensity Score Match Report

    Comparison between cohorts of clients who did not receive SSYI services compared to those who did receive SSYI services. Included to demonstrate a decrease in recidivism
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  • SSYI Convening with Law Enforcement Officials

    On Thursday, June 22nd, CommCorp’s Safe and Successful Youth Initiative staff will convene 30+ law enforcement officials at the Lowell Police Department headquarters at 50 Arcand  Lowell from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. CommCorp provides program management and technical assistance support to the 12 cities implementing this initiative which serves proven risk young men, ages 17-24, who have been deeply involved in the justice system. The focus for this meeting is on collaboration between local, state and federal law enforcement as a way to foster communication across partners and support for the highest risk young men in the Commonwealth. Local police officers from the 12 SSYI cities along with state and federal probation department officials will attend. For more information, contact Sam Williams or Zac Rich.