National Women’s History Month annually encourages us to honor the women who came before us and fought for equality among all races and genders. This month serves as a way to celebrate and honor the women who paved a way and the women who are making changes today. We all know there is still work to do and CommCorp strives to be apart of these changes. This WHM we wanted to accentuate the fact that our organization is predominately female ran by highlighting our senior leaders. 


Up first is our President and CEO, Christine Abrams. She answered some questions regarding women and the movement and here’s what she had to say:

What has your experience been like being one of the leaders of this organization?

Fantastic! I have received tremendous support and guidance from our boards, partners, and the community we serve.  Our leadership team is passionate about the mission, our organization and have been a great source of support for me during my onboarding into the organization. I feel very fortunate to work with such a talented and passionate team!

What is the biggest challenge you face as a woman in this field?

I am very new to workforce development, and honestly, my experiences to date have been very positive ones. However, I started my career in a male-dominated industry and company at a time when there were no women leaders and no leaders of color. It was a time that women hid the fact they were engaged due to the negative implications on their careers. I was the first woman in sales at General Mills to have a baby, at a time when there was little protection for working mothers. I had to be my own advocate working towards a solution that was right for me and my family while respecting the needs of the organization. Later, as a leader, I served as an advocate for many women that followed me. I can honestly say that I would not have achieved career success at GMI without strong mentors and sponsors that helped to guide and support me throughout my early career. It helped me to navigate and understand all the unwritten rules that come with not being in the majority and critical to the success above middle management.

What advice do you have for young girls entering the workforce?

Look for companies/ organizations that are willing to invest in you. The rapid change experienced post covid will likely continue impacting jobs and careers as the workforce will continue to change and evolve. We will all need to be adaptive to the changes that are inevitable and prepare for these changes through continuous learning. At CommCorp, we are developing “The Employee Experience”. An important component of this initiative will be focusing on the training and development of all employees through an Individual Development Planning process.

Next up! Our Human Resources Director, Deidra Leconte, also answered these questions: Here’s what she had to say: