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Commonwealth Corporation released a series of reports that we produced with the Center for Labor Markets and Policy at Drexel University (CLMP) under contract with the Office of the State Auditor.  Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012—“An Act Improving the Quality of Health Care and Reducing Costs Through Increased Transparency, Efficiency and Innovation” directed the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor (OSA) to “conduct a comprehensive review of the impact of [Chapter 224] on the health care payment and delivery system in the Commonwealth and on health care consumers, the health care workforce, and general public.”

Over the past few years, Commonwealth Corporation and CLMP interviewed more than a dozen stakeholders and conducted focus groups of health care employers and workers. We analyzed publicly available data to understand how the industrial and occupational structure of health care employment in the Commonwealth has changed over time.

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fy17 Training and placement grants for long-term unemployed

The goal of Commonwealth Corporation’s FY17 Training and Placement Grants for Long-Term Unemployed is to improve the economic competitiveness of Massachusetts businesses by training workers for in-demand jobs and to connect individuals left out of the labor market to a career pathway.

Eight regional partnerships received up to $225,000 each to design and implement an occupationally-specific training and placement program that supports individuals who have limited or no attachment to the labor force in making a successful transition to employment in an occupation in-demand by local employers. These grants are aligned to serve populations identified by Governor Baker’s Economic Opportunity Task Force as experiencing chronically high rates of unemployment, including African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, and Gulf War Era II Veterans. Dollars from the WCTF FY17 appropriation funded two partnerships; the remaining six were funded by Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund. All eight programs successfully completed the three-month-long Program Design Phase in June 2017, submitted strong implementation plans, and have since started operating their two-year-long programs.

Between April 2017 and June 2017, we conducted an intensive program design learning community for the eight partnerships. We provided them with program design tools and technical assistance, and facilitated learning community meetings involving peer-to-peer support and subject matter experts. Through this process the members of each partnership examined every component of their current program and designed or enhanced their program to address the needs and requirements of their population and target occupation.  All of the partnerships submitted implementation plans and were awarded grants to support training and placement programs over the next two years. They began recruiting and serving participants in July 2017.

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Health care workforce transformation fund (hwctf) training grants (december 2014 – april 2017)

HCWTF Training Grants were awarded to 59 organizations across the state to address workforce skill needs identified by health care providers working to improve patient care and reduce costs. Some of the collateral that resulted from these grants includes: (1) a curriculum was developed and delivered by Bristol Community College to prepare Medical Assistants at South Coast Health to pass a rigorous national certification exam; (2) a set of clinical training videos developed by Care Dimensions accessed through hand-held smart phones and used as a refresher for nurses working in the home care setting; and (3) a 4 module integrated care training developed and delivered by Clinical and Support Options which resulted in higher confidence reported by staff in integrated treatment planning to better address behavioral health and physical health needs of clients. Commonwealth Corporation administered this fund on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

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Health care workforce transformation fund (hwctf) planning grants (february 2014 – july 2014)

HCWTF Planning Grants were awarded to 51 organizations across the state. They allowed grantees to assess how to prepare health care workers for the careers of the 21st century economy. Grantees utilized the planning grants funds for a variety of projects such as: (1) Home Care Aide Council determined the training needs of home care aides who provide care to individuals with mental and behavioral health diagnoses and developed a curriculum outline; (2) Mass Hospital Association utilized qualitative and quantitative methods to gather input from their constituency to design a training strategy to address critical workforce challenges faced by acute care hospitals. As a result, they delivered a series of team training and motivational interviewing sessions; and (3) Berkshire Health Systems developed a Certified Nursing Assistant Program Guide from a combination of existing curricula and the development of new materials. The resource is available to help employers develop career advancement programs for nursing assistants. Commonwealth Corporation administered this fund on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

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We’ve published a brief summarizing key findings and trends discovered through our Planning Grantees. Click here to read.