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Série ReConvene: Investindo na Experiência do Funcionário

dezembro 14, 2021 | 1:00 pm | 14h00 EST

Join us for a series on how to harness workforce development as an effective employee engagement tool within the world of work.

Sobre o ReConvene

O futuro do local de trabalho está sendo reinventado por tecnologias emergentes e novas formas de pensar. O futuro do desenvolvimento da força de trabalho deve ser igualmente inovador para enfrentar os desafios da economia do século XXI. O ReConvene reúne líderes de desenvolvimento de força de trabalho, negócios e governos para compartilhar insights, desafios, melhores práticas e estratégias que estão redefinindo a força de trabalho da região.

It’s time for the Future of Work to be an intentional and meaningful part of your organization. This series is designed to address both strategic and tactical decisions and priorities.

Investing in the Employee Experience

The employee experience is the cornerstone of any successful company. The problem remains that few business owners have the time, resources, or expertise to tackle it. There’s no escaping the fact that employee experience is critical. 

Today’s employees are no longer satisfied with clocking in and out and receiving a paycheck. Losing an employee can cost about six to nine months of salary, and those indirect costs don’t include lost productivity. So how can you motivate employees so that they feel satisfied and grow in accordance with company and personal goals? 

Development plays a major role in employee satisfaction, and its absence is a major contributing factor to employees’ leaving their employers. In this fireside chat, Christine Abrams, President & CEO of Commonwealth Corporation, and Kristin Carlson, President of Peerless Precision, Inc. will discuss their efforts to prioritize the employee experience and discuss the next steps for your business. 

Meet Christine Abrams

President & CEO, Commonwealth Corporation

Christine has more than thirty years of experience in strategic business planning, competitive market analysis, training, and process optimization. Christine’s success in leading organizational change begins by first understanding the customers and organization needs, then collaborating to develop solutions that will achieve the desired result. Her exceptional analytical, strategic, and problem-solving skills provide practical solutions to the challenges nonprofits face.

Meet Kristin Carlson

President, Peerless Precision, Inc.

Kristin Carlson is the President of Peerless Precision Inc. (PPI) in Westfield MA. PPI is a “one-stop job shop” as Carlson likes to call it, but that may be all too modest considering the complexities of their capabilities. Kristin is also President of the Western Mass Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (WMNTMA). Kristin is extremely passionate about promoting the viability of a career in Manufacturing to children, their parents, teachers, guidance counselors, etc.


dezembro 14, 2021
13h00 | 14h00 EST
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Corporação da Commonwealth
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A Commonwealth Corporation é uma fundação pública que foi criada em 1996 sob o Gabinete Executivo de Trabalho e Desenvolvimento da Força de Trabalho. 

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