An evaluation conducted by the independent American Institute of Research (AIR) of Massachusetts Safe & Successful Youth Initiative (SSYI) found that over the last two years SSYI engaged cities experiences 139 fewer violent crimes on average per month compared to non-SSYI municipalities. The Safe & Successful Youth Initiative is a multi-faceted strategy for reducing youth violence in Massachusetts. Using a public health and public safety approach, is it specifically tailored to address gaps in services for young men ages 14 to 24 that are identified as being “proven risk” or at the highest risk for being perpetrators of violence. This year alone, for every dollar invested in SSYI, taxpayers have saved as much as $7.35 from the crime reductions produced through the program’s support services. Download the 新闻稿 (released 12.22.14). Download the SSYI 调查结果摘要 (12.22.14 发布)