In July 2023 the Workforce Training Fund Program adopted important policy changes, including reduced grant limits and eligibility requirements. Learn more here.



一般计划培训补助金: Businesses can apply for a grant of up to $200,000. Employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers, and consortia of such entities are encouraged to apply for funds to train current and newly hired workers. You may use a training provider of your choice. While we fund the majority of training content, courses that a company is legally mandated to provide (such as OSHA training) are not eligible for funding under this program. Training programs must be completed within two years.


  • *ESOL
  • 项目管理
  • 机器设置和操作
  • 销售量
  • 成人基础教育
  • 精益/持续过程改进
  • 软件和 IT 技能
  • 客户服务
  • 国际标准化组织
  • 领导与管理技能
  • 六个西格玛
  • 训练实习者
  • 以及更多!


*ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a priority of the Workforce Training Fund. Effective immediately, new General Program applications that include workplace ESOL are not required to meet the dollar-for-dollar matching requirement if the application otherwise meets the match in absence of the ESOL module(s). ​For example, if the total grant request is $150,000, with $50,000 designated for ESOL, the matching funds for the non-ESOL modules must total at least $100,000.

如果您的培训计划包括 ESOL,请查看随附的政策和最佳实践。
如果您的培训计划包括 ESOL,请查看随附的政策和最佳实践。 如果您还有其他问题,请联系 [email protected]



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