Today, the Baker-Polito Administration awarded $5.4 million in 2021-2022 Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants for Expanded Training Capacity & Employment Program Performance. These grants are part of the ongoing effort by the Workforce Skills Cabinet (WSC) to support additional capacity in ongoing sector-based employment programs that provide job training, placement, and retention services to unemployed and underemployed Massachusetts residents. “This new round of Donnelly Grants will inspire economic growth through proven workforce initiatives that train the unemployed and underemployed for in-demand career pathways,” 州长查理贝克说. “Such targeted investments are a key element of our regional strategy that continues to support businesses and workers across the Commonwealth.” Administered by Commonwealth Corporation on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, this grant initiative is funded through an appropriation for the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) in the Fiscal Year 2021 and 2022 State Budget (line item 7002-1075) and the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. In 2018, the Massachusetts Legislature voted to rename grant awards from the WCTF in memory of the late Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly, who was a steadfast champion of promoting workforce opportunities for people who might otherwise lack a pathway to economic stability. “This Administration values partners like the organizations and schools represented in this round of Donnelly Grant recipients,” 副州长卡琳·波利托说。 “The commitment of these grantees and the work they accomplish leads to better job opportunities for constituents, in high-demand sectors like technology, healthcare, human services, and biotechnology.” As part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) investments, an initial WCTF request for proposal was posted last fall, making more than $30M available to be funded through a rolling application process. Announced in this round of grants, 12 Massachusetts employers will enroll additional unemployed and underemployed residents in high-demand priority occupations identified through the Regional Workforce Skills Planning Initiative blueprint process, such as healthcare, the trades, and information technology.   “Connecting the unemployed and underemployed with new opportunities and equipping them with the skills they need for rewarding, in-demand work helps close job and equity gaps across the Commonwealth,” 劳工和劳动力发展部长罗莎琳·阿科斯塔说。 “Donnelly grant recipients are critical in these efforts to meet the growing needs of both jobseekers and employers.” The WCTF is administered by Commonwealth Corporation on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 本轮资金中的参议员 Kenneth J. Donnelly 劳动力成功补助金授予:  1199SEIU联赛培训升级基金,昆西-资助金额$500,000  1199SEIU 联盟正在提供培训和安置服务,为 100 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备认证护理助理 (CNA) 职位。他们将与管家莫顿医院、管家圣安妮医院和管家好撒玛利亚人医疗中心合作。   贝丝以色列女执事医疗中心,波士顿 – 资助金额 $500,000  贝丝以色列女执事医疗中心正在提供培训和安置服务,为 67 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备临床助理/医疗助理职位。他们将与 Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care North 和 BILH Primary Care South 合作。   波士顿社区健康教育研究与服务中心 (CCHERS) – 资助金额 $311,487  社区健康教育研究和服务中心 (CCHERS) 正在提供培训和安置服务,以帮助 48 名失业和就业不足的参与者为家庭健康助理职位做好准备。他们将与 Anodyne Corp 和 Ezra Home Care Services 合作。   格洛斯特海洋基因组学研究所,格洛斯特 – 资助金额 $500,000  格洛斯特海洋基因组学研究所正在提供培训和安置服务,为 80 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备实验室技术员、实验室技术员、生物技术员职位。他们将与 Synlogic 和 RAN Biotechnologies 合作。   波士顿希伯来老年人生活 – 资助金额 $499,668  希伯来语 SeniorLife 正在提供培训和安置服务,为 105 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备认证护理助理 (CNA) 职位。他们将与 Sherrill House、Legacy Lifecare 和 The Boston Home 合作。   波士顿犹太职业服务公司 – 资助金额 $500,000  犹太职业服务公司正在提供培训和安置服务,为 82 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备药学技术员职位。他们将与波士顿儿童医院、贝丝以色列女执事医疗中心、达纳法伯癌症研究所和沃尔格林合作。   马萨诸塞州文理学院基金会,北亚当斯 - 资助金额 $280,000  马萨诸塞州文理学院基金会正在提供培训和安置服务,为 30 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备放射技师职位。他们将与伯克希尔卫生系统和西南佛蒙特州卫生保健的马萨诸塞州合作。   Minuteman 地区职业技术高中,列克星敦 - 资助金额 $480,718  Minuteman RVTHS 正在提供培训和安置服务,以帮助 70 名失业和就业不足的参与者为设施经理职位做好准备。他们将与仲量联行、ABM 和索迪斯合作。   波士顿大波士顿公司的运营 ABLE – 资金金额 $329,600  大波士顿公司的 ABLE 行动正在提供培训和安置服务,为 60 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备医疗办公室和患者服务协调员职位。他们将与 Mass General Hospital、Bulfinch Temporary Services 和 BMC HealthNet Plan 合作。   Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc., Gardner – 资助金额 $500,000  Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc. 正在提供培训和安置服务,以帮助 66 名失业和就业不足的参与者为健康与人类服务直接支持职位做好准备。他们将与 Bay Cove Human Services、Open Sky Community Services 和 Horace Mann Educational Associates 合作。   Tech Foundry, Springfield – 资助金额 $499,070  Tech Foundry 提供培训和安置服务,为 100 名失业和就业不足的参与者准备 IT 服务台技术员职位。他们将与 Paragus、Baytech IT、Springfield Public Schools、Rediker、National Ambulance、Integrated IT、Entre Computers、Springfield Museums、Northeast IT、Winslow Technologies 和 Smith 职业学校合作。    WTIA Workforce Institute (Apprenti),波士顿 – 资助金额 $500,000  WTIA Workforce Institute (Apprenti) is providing training and placement services to prepare 70 unemployed and underemployed participants for tech industry positions. They will partner with Wayfair, Cengage, Liberty Mutual, RSM, Mass General Brigham, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Eversource, and Harvard University. All grant award investments are matched with contributions of at least 30%. To learn more about the Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants please visit