Commonwealth Corporation (CommCorp), the agency responsible for administering and delivering a wide range of publicly and privately funded programs on behalf of the Baker-Polito Administration and the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, announced it has completed major updates to its brand and website to more directly align with the organization’s community-focused mission. The change is a critical step in messaging, promoting, and delivering innovative and collaborative professional development solutions that help diverse communities and employers succeed. The CommCorp brand refresh provides a redesigned, structured with intentionality, access, and impact in mind as well as a clear and consistent subbrand presentation for its family of programs. CommCorp has also made its website available in Spanish, with plans to expand into other languages and prioritize web accessibility standards in the name of meaningful access and inclusion. With a “no wrong door” approach, the site and brand have been optimized to bring the target audience through a journey that takes them from point A to point B seamlessly. A project like this takes a village, but the supporting vendors, consisting of primarily women and minority-owned businesses as designers, developers, translators, and more, were well-equipped for the challenge. 选择网站功能:
  • CommCorp 通过其网站为每个计划提供直接联系表格,从而简化了沟通,从而更有效地将其受众交到合适的人手中。
  • 整个网站展示的交互式图形和数据 组织的影响 在马萨诸塞州,更容易讲述它的故事。
  • 为响应受资助者和合作伙伴的反馈,新网站在其主页上提供了三种独特的客户途径:投资未来劳动力;开发工人管道;和培训和提升当前劳动力,每个都提供对相关编程的更直接的访问。