Commonwealth Corporation (CommCorp), the agency responsible for administering and delivering a wide range of publicly and privately funded programs on behalf of the Baker-Polito Administration and the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, announced it has completed major updates to its brand and website to more directly align with the organization’s community-focused mission. The change is a critical step in messaging, promoting, and delivering innovative and collaborative professional development solutions that help diverse communities and employers succeed. The CommCorp brand refresh provides a redesigned, structured with intentionality, access, and impact in mind as well as a clear and consistent subbrand presentation for its family of programs. CommCorp has also made its website available in Spanish, with plans to expand into other languages and prioritize web accessibility standards in the name of meaningful access and inclusion. With a “no wrong door” approach, the site and brand have been optimized to bring the target audience through a journey that takes them from point A to point B seamlessly. A project like this takes a village, but the supporting vendors, consisting of primarily women and minority-owned businesses as designers, developers, translators, and more, were well-equipped for the challenge. Seleccione las características del sitio web:
  • CommCorp ha simplificado las comunicaciones al proporcionar formularios de contacto directo para cada programa a través de su sitio web, lo que le permite ser más eficiente a la hora de llevar a su audiencia a las manos adecuadas.
  • Gráficos interactivos y datos en todo el escaparate del sitio web el impacto de la organización en Massachusetts, lo que facilita contar su historia.
  • En respuesta a los comentarios de los beneficiarios y socios, el nuevo sitio web ofrece tres vías únicas para los clientes en su página de inicio: Invest in the Future Workforce; Desarrollar un Pipeline de Trabajadores; y Train and Upskill Current Workforce, cada uno de los cuales brinda un acceso más directo a la programación relevante.