The Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) has adjusted its grantmaking policies to ensure the longevity of the WTFP while taking into account an unprecedented surge in grant applications. The following four policies will be applied to all Express and General Program applications submitted on or after July 10, 2023:
1. The maximum amount of a General Program grant will decrease from $250,000 to $200,000 per two-year grant award. This is in addition to the re-implementation of the one-year waiting period between General Program grants.
2. The maximum amount of Express Program reimbursement that a business may receive for approved training courses will decrease from $30,000 to $20,000 per calendar year.
3. Employers with over 100 Massachusetts employees will no longer be eligible to receive Express Program grants and will be encouraged to submit General Program applications.
4. Employers may only participate in either the Express or General Program at one time.
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Las empresas de todos los tamaños son elegibles para solicitar:

Becas de formación del programa general: Businesses can apply for a grant of up to $200,000. Employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers, and consortia of such entities are encouraged to apply for funds to train current and newly hired workers. You may use a training provider of your choice. While we fund the majority of training content, courses that a company is legally mandated to provide (such as OSHA training) are not eligible for funding under this program. Training programs must be completed within two years.

Las becas de formación están disponibles para:

  • *ESOL
  • Gestión de proyectos
  • Configuración y operación de la máquina
  • Ventas
  • Educación Básica de Adultos
  • Mejora de Procesos Esbeltos/Continuos
  • Habilidades de software y TI
  • Servicio al Cliente
  • YO ASI
  • Habilidades de liderazgo y gestión
  • seis sigma
  • Entrena al entenador
  • ¡Y mucho más!


*ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a priority of the Workforce Training Fund. Effective immediately, new General Program applications that include workplace ESOL are not required to meet the dollar-for-dollar matching requirement if the application otherwise meets the match in absence of the ESOL module(s). ​For example, if the total grant request is $150,000, with $50,000 designated for ESOL, the matching funds for the non-ESOL modules must total at least $100,000.

Si su plan de capacitación incluye ESOL, revise las políticas y mejores prácticas adjuntas.
Si su plan de capacitación incluye ESOL, revise las políticas y mejores prácticas adjuntas. Si tiene más preguntas, comuníquese con [email protected]


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