Más de 400 jóvenes, líderes comunitarios y familias se reunieron para celebrar y ver el arte creado por jóvenes en Departamento de Servicios Juveniles de Massachusetts (DYS) programas en el muy esperado 7th Anual DYS "¡Comparte tu arte, comparte tu voz!" Evento del martes 14 de mayo. Celebrado en Estudios WGBH in Brighton, this year’s statewide event featured 260 art pieces for sale created by 100 young artists. All the creativity showcased was developed by youth in the care of DYS (youth in residential programs, in the community, and SI juventud). Young people submitted artwork for the showcase, were paid for their participation, and could sell their work. This year the event raised $7,887.24— 15.59 percent more than last year. This event reinforces the Commonwealth’s investment in educational and workforce development for youth in DYS programs. For the last decade, the agency has used arts education as a youth engagement strategy and opportunity for positive youth development.
Tableros de exhibición de obras de arte de los jóvenes.
Fuera de la Galería de Arte, se exhibieron más obras de arte de jóvenes con programas y asociaciones comunitarias donde los invitados se reunieron y hablaron con los artistas, aprendieron más sobre los diversos servicios y participaron en demostraciones prácticas y actividades educativas. Stands de socios incluidos Proyecto Shakespeare de los actores, que representa la programación comunitaria y residencial de artes teatrales; Cerrando la brecha de oportunidades programas que incluyen Diesel Works con trabajo original en metal hecho a mano para la venta; y Camisetas exclusivas (Exclusive Tees), la empresa social de pantallas de seda personalizadas dirigida por jóvenes y administrada por Commonwealth Corporation, solo por nombrar algunas.
Jóvenes y personal del Programa de Soldadura Diesel Works en Holyoke, MA.
Gio, a teen who participated in the Diesel Works Welding Program in Holyoke, expressed how grateful he was for the opportunity to learn a new trade. “Because of this program, I plan to pursue a career in welding,” he said. “I never thought I would be interested in this but I actually like it a lot. It’s fun.” Gio explained that without the program, he probably would be doing something he shouldn’t. After viewing the art and networking, attendees were led into the WGBH auditorium for an array of live performances by the youth. First welcomed by  DYS Deputy Commissioner Ruth Rovezzi who stated how proud she is of the youth and acknowledged their hard work, the audience watched performances that included hip-hop dance, poetry and rap, drumming and singing. For the past seven years, Commonwealth Corporation has supported the DYS Arts Showcase and would like to thank everyone who participated and made a purchase. If you weren’t able to buy any pieces, no worries! An online store will be up in a few weeks of youth Arts available for purchase!
Todos los Jóvenes Intérpretes.