• Exploring High-Quality Strategies for WIOA Youth Programs-Part 1

    This event is for Workforce Investment Board Directors and their youth program directors/managers.

    Join peers in the first session of a two-part series designed to explore high-quality strategies to connect young people to education and careers. The purpose of the series is to share best practices and to identify opportunities for growth in line with core WIOA youth program elements.  At the first session, attendees will have the chance to brainstorm solutions to common challenges and explore tools and resources that are a fit for your region’s programming. We will also provide an overview of Signal Success curriculum offerings that can help align multiple program elements and support a range of implementation models. WIB Directors and their youth program directors/managers click here to register.

  • SSYI Convening with Law Enforcement Officials

    On Thursday, June 22nd, CommCorp’s Safe and Successful Youth Initiative staff will convene 30+ law enforcement officials at the Lowell Police Department headquarters at 50 Arcand  Lowell from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. CommCorp provides program management and technical assistance support to the 12 cities implementing this initiative which serves proven risk young men, ages 17-24, who have been deeply involved in the justice system. The focus for this meeting is on collaboration between local, state and federal law enforcement as a way to foster communication across partners and support for the highest risk young men in the Commonwealth. Local police officers from the 12 SSYI cities along with state and federal probation department officials will attend. For more information, contact Sam Williams or Zac Rich.