A Signature Initiative of the Workforce Skills Cabinet and Governor


This initiative, announced by Governor Baker, seeks to address the persistent need for skilled labor in construction, trades, and manufacturing. Commonwealth Corporation administers these funds in hopes of eliminating the skills gap facing employers by providing an opportunity for youth and adults to retrain for skilled occupations, as well as transforming vocational high schools into Career Technical Institutes that run three shifts a day to bring more high school students and adults into the program.

As part of a multi-year strategy, CTI plans to train 20,000 new skilled workers in key trades and technical jobs. Among the grants approved by the Workforce Skills Cabinet in 2021, 35 new career pathway programs and 22 expansions of career pathway programs at 10 vocational-technical schools will provide training and job placement for more than 800 adults.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of these programs or are a business interested in hiring graduates, please contact Meg Cummings at mcummings@commcorp.org.


Impact Numbers

Job Seekers Enrolled
New Occupational Pathways Identified


CTI is a signature initiative of the Workforce Skills Cabinet, a collaborative effort between the Executive Offices of Labor and Workforce Development, Education, and Housing and Economic Development. Learn more in this brochure! 

The Career Technical Initiative (CTI) has been a welcomed training model, introduced by the Baker-Polito Administration in 2020, to stimulate talent pipelines and fuel innovation for technical roles, including culinary, skilled trades, and manufacturing jobs. The program provides more Massachusetts residents access to career technical training by using the state’s existing resources at vocational high schools, while simultaneously helping businesses grow by increasing the number of skilled workers able to be employed in trade and construction jobs.

The purpose of the Career Technical Initiative (CTI) is to expand training opportunities for unemployed and underemployed adult workers in in-demand industries/ occupations by building capacity in “third shift/after dark” training at High Schools with designated aligned Chapter 74 vocational programs.

CTI is a signature initiative of the Workforce Skills Cabinet and Governor that addresses the persistent skills gap that employers face in construction/trades and manufacturing provides opportunities for youth and adults to retrain for skilled occupations especially those hardest hits by COVID and transforms vocational high schools into Career Technical Institutes.

Commonwealth Corporation is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

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