Health Care Initiatives

Health Care Initiatives

The Massachusetts Health Care Workforce is Changing

Commonwealth Corporation has a history of proven success with health care workforce development strategies. We design initiatives and provide technical assistance to grantees to ensure that programs meet the workforce needs of Massachusetts’ health care providers. In addition to our strategic grant-making, we explore innovative solutions to workforce challenges using research and data to support partners in this work.

Health Care Workforce Hubs

Healthcare Workforce Hubs are put in place to create a more competitive Massachusetts healthcare system. These hubs run between MassHired Workforce Boards and community behavioral health employers to improve the skills and access to long-term careers for the incumbent and future workforce. The hubs are designed to focus on those who are particularly subject to barriers to employment.

Behavioral Health Workforce Hubs

Behavioral Health Workforce Hubs are created to establish a recruitment pipeline and to promote career advancement within the Massachusetts healthcare industry. The goals of the program are to improve competitiveness in the industry by refining the skills of the current and future healthcare workforce.

Competency-Based Education Program

This program focuses on developing real-world skill competence to prepare students for their future in the workforce. Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America curriculum uses a blend of academic content, soft skill development, and specific core competencies that employers are seeking.

Digital Innovation and Lifelong Learning

Digital skills are a key component of a competent healthcare workforce. This is a statement that is true now and will be even more so going into the future. The Digital Innovation and Lifelong Learning program fills a void in the healthcare industry by teaching indispensable digital skills to entry-level, incumbent healthcare workers.

Commonwealth Corporation is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

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