Supporting small businesses is essential- and that goes far beyond National Small Business Week. Meet three of our Workforce Training Fund Express Program grantees: The Hiccup, FlexProfessionals, and Lisa Dahl Wellness.
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From service jobs to CEOs, women’s positions in the workplace have changed dramatically in the past decades. Today, women still face unforeseen challenges. Women are feeling more burnt out than ever. Since the pandemic, more and more women have been represented in senior leadership positions, which is encouraging. However, women now are increasing more burnout than men.
While I learned about Juneteenth years ago, this year was the first year I participated in community festivities and used this time to intentionally reflect on the pain and triumphs of those who made this day possible. Juneteenth weekend, I enjoyed watching films, listening to presentations and performers express their arts of history, telling personal stories, and supporting minority black-owned businesses in Boston.

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