Behavioral Health Workforce Hubs

Behavioral Health Partnership Expansion Grants


The regional MassHire Workforce Boards are partnering with local community-based behavioral healthcare employers and education and training providers to meet employer demand for skilled workers by providing job training and support to adults who want to prepare for occupations with persistent demand. 

The Behavioral Health Partnership Expansion Grant grantees recruit and train unemployed and underemployed candidates for entry-level roles and support training and other supports intended to provide career advancement opportunities for entry and mid-level behavioral healthcare staff. Funds from this grant initiative also support clinical supervision and mentorship costs for workers pursuing clinical licenses.

These regional partnerships of employers, educators, and workforce professionals meet to build and strengthen relationships and develop regionally-focused workforce strategies to meet staffing needs and create a more competitive Massachusetts behavioral healthcare system. 


WCTF grants expand training capacity to upskill new workers and address employers’ hiring needs across a broad range of occupations within industries such as healthcare, IT, transportation, and hospitality.

The enabling legislation for WCTF (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 29 Section 2WWW) calls for a report to be filed annually with the Secretary of Administration and Finance; the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means; and the Joint Committees on Community Development and Small Business, Education, Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, Labor and Workforce Development, and Public Health. The report must include the number of educational and eligible service providers receiving grants and participants receiving services and placed in employment, as well as the salary and benefits that participants receive after placement, the cost per participant, and job retention or promotion rates for the year after training ends.

Commonwealth Corporation is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

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