Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Grants for Expanded Training Capacity and Employment Program Performance

Funded through the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund


To maintain a competitive and sustainable economy, Massachusetts must continue to invest in a skilled and well-trained workforce. These grants will give workers and companies the opportunity to gain access to occupations critical to the future economic success of the Commonwealth.

This round of Donnelly Workforce Success Grants is the first to be funded through an allocation from the Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) in order to complement programs funded directly through the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF). In 2018, the Massachusetts Legislature voted to rename grant awards from the WCTF in memory of the late Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly, who was a steadfast champion of promoting workforce opportunities for people who might otherwise lack a pathway to economic stability. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants serve people across Massachusetts whose life experiences and circumstances make it difficult for them to succeed in employment without targeted support.


The Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) was established through economic stimulus legislation passed by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2006. The WCTF invests in demand-driven programs designed by industry sector partnerships that train and place into employment unemployed and underemployed workers. The purpose of the Fund is to support the development and implementation of employer and worker-responsive programs to enhance worker skills, incomes, productivity, and retention and to increase the quality and competitiveness of Massachusetts firms.
On behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Commonwealth Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the 2020- 2021 Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants for Expanded Training Capacity & Employment Program Performance funded through an allocation from the Workforce Training Fund to the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund.


The first remote graduation in the history of JVS Boston began with applause sound effects and ended with a singalong to “Sweet Caroline,” celebrating the 15 new pharmacy technicians who started the training program in-person and finished it in online virtual classrooms due to COVID-19 pandemic, bolstering the healthcare workforce during the global coronavirus public health emergency.
It's been a busy year at Commonwealth Corporation! Here's a look back at some of our accomplishments in 2019.

Commonwealth Corporation is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

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