General Program - Bridge Grant

The General Program – Bridge Grant is an offering of the Workforce Training Fund available to eligible employers to continue ESOL upskilling employees in the workplace.

General Program - Bridge Grant

Workplace ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a Workforce Training Fund Program priority. WTFP can help your business kick-start or continue on-the-job ESOL classes to make your employees – and your company – more effective, efficient and productive.

Amplifying ESOL

The General Program ESOL Bridge Grant has the same application requirements and structure as a two-year General Program grant, but focuses on supporting your organization’s commitment and support of upskilling your ESOL workforce in one year.


The application process is similar to a General Program application; however, simplified where applicable for ease of use. Please reach out to your Program Manager directly or [email protected] for more information about this opportunity and to learn how to begin the application process.

workplace ESOL

Up to $100,000 and 1 year

No wait period for ESOL training​

*Effective July 2023, WTFP now offers the WTFP General Program Bridge Grant to continue workplace ESOL training during the 1-year waiting period that follows a completed General Program grant.


In 1916, an Italian immigrant began the Piantedosi Bread Company, which today produces over 500,000 bread units daily and employs around 200 diverse individuals. However, with the passage of time, the company faced significant challenges:

Departments within Piantedosi operated in isolation, limiting synergy and collaboration. This, combined with an increasing market demand and certain communication hindrances, began to affect their efficiency and safety standards. In their quest to remain competitive and cohesive, the WorkForce Training Fund (WTFP) stepped in, seeing an opportunity to streamline their operations. Taking on the role of the “connector”, the program introduce them to a suite of training programs, These included Leadership Skills Development, process improvement and Advanced ESOL and Literacy training, tailored to cater to the diverse workforce of Piantedosi.

This strategic intervention and commitment of WTFP bore fruit: Piantedosi witnessed a 25% reduction in raw material waste, achieved their best safety record in 2020, and managed to drastically reduce freshness complaints. The WorkForce Training Fund continues to champion businesses, identifying challenges and bridging gaps, ensuring that both employers and employees can access the best resources and opportunities available.

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