Workforce Training Fund Program

While available to businesses of all sizes, the WTFP focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that would not be able invest in improving employee skills without the assistance of the Fund.

About the WTFP

Express Program

The Express Program provides employers fast, simple access to grant-funded training, helping businesses in Massachusetts respond to emerging needs. It is designed to help businesses respond quickly to change and keep employees engaged. With bite-size grants for just-in-time training and no waiting periods between grants, Express is our fastest path to funding, enhanced with an even more flexible directory of training options and 6 quick steps to success.

General Program

Via General Program Training Grants, Businesses can apply for a grant up to $200,000. Employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers, and consortia of such entities are encouraged to apply for funds to train current and newly hired workers. You may use a training provider of your choice. While we fund the majority of training content, courses that a company is legally mandated to provide (such as OSHA training) are not eligible for funding under this program. Training programs must be completed within two years.

General Program Bridge Grant

The General Program ESOL Bridge Grant is designed to provide English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) to continue through the 1 year waiting period between the General Program grants.

Technical Assistance Grant

On a very limited basis, the Workforce Training Fund Program may provide technical assistance grants to increase training opportunities to employees.

By the Numbers

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Commonwealth Corporation is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. 

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