Exclusive Tees Lays Groundwork for Expansion

Post Date: 11.12.2020

Exclusive Tees Lays Groundwork for Expansion


Our social enterprise, Exclusive Tees, is working to expand its Springfield shop location to serve additional youth.

Started in 2013, Exclusive Tees is a custom screen-printing company that employs youth facilities in Springfield and Taunton. This real-world work experience allows them to gain workplace skills, build self-confidence, and set goals for success before transitioning into mainstream employment.

COVID has hit screen printing companies hard. The close of summer camps and lack of large congregated groups has meant less work. One of the largest printers in the northeast has decided to discontinue their production facility and outsource their printing needs to other local businesses. Exclusive Tees has partnered to begin picking up some of this work over the next few months, while also discussing the purchase of additional equipment for the facility, an increase in operating hours, and the opportunity for youth from neighboring facilities and the community to be employed.

Exclusive Tees has continued to operate during COVID and our sales have also decreased, but this has not negatively impacted our usual operations. With the decrease of youth committed to our facilities during this time, it has meant increased responsibility for less youth employees, yielding great outcomes. One youth that has recently transitioned back to the community has started full-time employment with benefits at another local silk screen shop.

For more information about Exclusive Tees or to place an order, contact Celia Overby.

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