During the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into developing a new image that would accurately represent who we are at our core. Today, we proudly present our revamped branding. The updates reflect the evolution of our company since its establishment in 1996.

In the new year, we remind ourselves of our values and chart a course for the next five years so we can create a world where meaningful employment can lead to upward mobility for all. Our brand and our website have a new sense of direction—confidence that reflects how strongly we feel about our mission and the power of collaboration and diversity.

Our Mission

Commonwealth Corporation fosters workforce equity in Massachusetts by delivering innovative and collaborative professional development solutions that help diverse communities and employers succeed.

Our Vision

A world where meaningful employment can lead to upward mobility for all.

While this is an important step forward for us, our core beliefs remain unchanged; Commonwealth Corporation builds skills for a strong economy. We are proud to present a new website, structured with intentionality, access, and impact in mind. These changes were created to help you, our stakeholders, be able to speak to the work that we do here at CommCorp:

Support, coaching, and training for young people who are just starting out in their careers.
Training and support for job seekers, which help fill critical vacancies for Massachusetts businesses.
Career advancement for incumbent workers to build skills and contribute to business competitiveness.

We are making it incredibly easy to talk about us by launching our first-ever digital press kit on our website. You, however, can also use this page to stay informed about our newest press releases and announcements.

To ensure consistent brand usage across all platforms, including interface, web, collateral materials, and promotions, CommCorp has developed a Brand Standards & Usage Guide. By consistently showcasing our visual identity, we build strong brand awareness, enabling us to expand our influence and advocate for our programs. These guidelines should be followed for the most effective expression of the CommCorp brand: https://commcorp.org/brand-story/

We have also made our entire site available in Spanish, with plans to expand to other languages in the name of meaningful access and inclusion! As of today, these changes will be implemented across all platforms. With your help, we continue to sustain our growth and commitments and create a meaningful impact in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As you note changes in our branding, website, and promotions, we would certainly love to connect with you. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram and help us #LeadtheChange.

Like what you see? Well, you’re in luck: We’re hiring!