Curriculum & Coaching

Get the right fit for your school or program with our customized curriculum and support. Signal Success offers up to 180 hours of lessons that can be adjusted for a wide variety of program designs and target populations. Tailored professional development and coaching plans ensure success.

Our Customized Approach

The Signal Success curriculum is designed to build non-cognitive skills and encourage career exploration. We work with you to examine the outcomes that matter most for your school or organization. Once the goals are defined, we provide you with customized course maps and resources to meet the needs of your participants. Assessment tools are also adjusted to capture the skill gain and learning competencies that match your objectives.

The Signal Success Curriculum

Over 18,500 young people have used Signal Success to develop essential skills and engage in structured career and education planning. The curriculum features:

  • 180 hours of materials that can be used in advisory, elective, humanities, pathway program, and in community programs
  • Common Core aligned lessons
  • Accommodations for different learning needs
  • Assessment tools

Professional Development & Coaching

Strong preparation and support translates to successful implementation. The Signal Success program includes thorough and hands on professional development training, webinars, opportunities to engage in professional learning communities, and coaching to support specific challenges and build capacity. Professional development and support packages can be adjusted to meet the needs of small and large organizations.

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