In July 2023 the Workforce Training Fund Program adopted important policy changes, including reduced grant limits and eligibility requirements. Learn more here.

Express for Training Providers

Change happens. Express helps.

The Express Program provides employers fast, simple access to grant-funded training, to help businesses in Massachusetts respond to emerging needs. As a Training Provider, you can expand your brand and connect with our applicants by adding a course to the Express Directory in just two steps.

Step 1

Register for the Express Provider Portal

Our Express Provider Portal allows training providers to register their courses for selection by grant recipients. Through the use of the Express Provider Portal, providers are able to update and add courses at any time. When courses are submitted through the Express Provider Portal, the Express Team is automatically notified when a course is submitted for our review, and a notification will be sent to your email with our determination.

All course registration, logistics, payment, and other arrangements are made between the training vendor and the company.

Step 2

Send your Clients to our Applicant Page

Commonwealth Corporation will notify you that the course has been formally registered, but you can also check the status yourself by logging into your Express Provider Portal account. Now you are ready to kick-start your impact and reach more Massachusetts employers in need of your services.

Impact Numbers

Trainees Served in FY 2022
0 k+
Businesses Supported in FY 2022
0 +

Training providers are required to meet the following standards:

  • You must be in full compliance with all obligations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • All grant-funded expenses must be the direct cost of the delivery of training, must be consistent with the course as registered, and must be reasonable
  • The course must be consistent with the purpose and policy of the Workforce Training Fund
  • Businesses are not legally mandated to provide the courses to their employees. An example is courses that are required by OSHA
  • Plan to register your course at least 4 weeks before your first planned training session begins. Employers are required to apply 21 days in advance

For support registering a course with the Express Provider Portal, please contact: [email protected]

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