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After November 30, 2014, the Hiring Incentive Training Grant (HITG) Program will no longer accept applications. Learn more.


Our Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2014 is now available. Learn more.


For more than fifteen years, Commonwealth Corporation has been supporting sector partnerships in Massachusetts. By bringing together business, education and workforce organizations to design and deliver training and work experiences that meet the needs of industry, these partnerships prepare and place people who are unemployed or underemployed in jobs that are in demand and/or upgrade the skills of incumbent workers. Commonwealth Corporation President & CEO Nancy Snyder discusses how the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund has been used to support sector partnerships and has led to thousands of positive employment outcomes.

The health care industry has played a vital role in our state's economy, steadily hiring through the ups and downs of economic cycles. But now the industry is undergoing a transformation and workforce professionals need to understand how it is changing in order to continue to serve the industry, counsel job seekers, and prepare the next generation of health care employees. Commonwealth Corporation President & CEO Nancy Snyder discusses recent health care cost containment legislation and its impact on the health care workforce.

  • Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

In Summer 2014 the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law. WIOA is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and other support services to succeed in the workforce and to connect employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in today’s economy.
WIOA encourages greater collaboration among employers, high schools and community colleges, and workforce organizations to ensure education and training activities are aligned with regional labor market needs.
Commonwealth Corporation is committed to advancing the entire field of workforce development through the sharing of best practices. Two of our Workforce Development in Practice guidebooks focus on building partnerships to address regional labor market needs and engaging employers in youth employment programming.  
Learn more about Partnerships: A Workforce Development Practitioner’s Guide and Strategic Employer Engagement: Building Dynamic Relationships with Employers in Teen & Young Adult Employment Programs.
  • New Health Care Workforce Brief

Our new Health Care Workforce Brief summarizes the Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund Planning Grant projects. The Planning Grants supported organizations to begin assessing how to prepare healthcare workers for the careers of the 21st Century economy. 
The four-page brief summarizes the key findings and trends discovered through our Planning Grant grantees. Download the Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund Planning Grants Brief. 



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Annual Report FY14

The Annual Report for FY14 gives a "Year in Review" from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, highlighting key workforce development initiatives, research projects, and our public and private partnerships.

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Understanding & Addressing the Youth Employment Crisis

In 2013 Commonwealth Corporation examined the historically low teen employment rates and surveyed employers to identify their perceptions of teens in the workplace. This two-page brief outlines some of the findings from that study and offers ways employers, education institutions, and workforce organizations can better prepare young people for work.

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Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund Planning Grants Brief

This brief is part of Commonwealth Corporation's effort to support health care provider, community college, workforce investment board, career center, and community-based organization staff and policymakers in understanding the impact of Massachusetts' health care cost containment and quality improvement law (Chapter 224) on the health care industry's demand for skilled workers.

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Partnerships: A Workforce Development Practitioner's Guide

Through our work as funders and evaluators, we have observed what characterizes partnerships in workforce development and what contributes to their effectiveness. This Guidebook contains the following elements designed to use useful for workforce practitioners: key questions and action steps at the end of each chapter, examples from partnerships, tools and templates that may be readily used by practitioners, and case studies.