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  • Lagging Teen Employment in a Strong Bay State Labor Market

    More than six years after the recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2009, Massachusetts’ overall economy and labor markets have improved markedly. However, the gain in employment has not been uniform across age groups. The youngest workers (16-to-19 years old) continue to be disconnected from the labor market. This research report assesses the year-round and summer employment experiences of teens in Massachusetts and the U.S. over the past 4 decades (1978-1979 to 2015-2016).

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  • Closing the Skills Gap: Meeting the Demand for Skills in a Growing Economy

    The purpose of this analysis is to provide data that informs policy and practice in the education and workforce development fields. This report documents statewide trends, placing the Massachusetts experience in the national context. We use data from a number of federal and state sources to inform our analysis. These data are the latest available as of August 2016.

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  • The Job Seeker’s Challenge: The Impact of Online Applications & Assessments

    In this brief we share information about the reasons behind the growing use of online applications and pre-hire assessments in hiring (particularly at the entry-level), the format of the applications and strategies to prepare job seekers to complete online applications.  This brief grew out of one of the findings from our 2013 study, Signaling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Prospects

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