Available Funding

  • The Re-Entry Workforce Development Demonstration Program RFP Learn More
  • The Employment Program for Young Adults with Disabilities Program RFP Learn More
  • MassHealth Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Competency Based Training Program Learn More
  • Digital Innovation & Lifelong Learning Pilots — Competency-Based Training for Incumbent Health Care Workers RFQ Learn More
  • Workforce Training Fund Learn More
  • WCTF: Who Do We Serve?

    The WCTF serves men and women across the Commonwealth who are ready to engage in programming but require targeted support to succeed in employment. The population we serve includes individuals who may have experienced trauma or challenges in their past and also may rely on aid from public benefits to support their families, individuals who have been disconnected from the workforce, and people who might not have been able to complete school. Some might not speak English as their first language, have health problems and/or struggle with substance addiction, and some have disabilities.

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  • Promoting Success: What it Takes to Move Beyond an Entry-Level Job

    What skills do workers need to do to get promoted? In our latest research, we explore the skills, knowledge and behaviors businesses are seeking in entry-level workers for them to be considered for advancement. Promoting Success offers insights and tools for employers and workforce development professionals to help young adult workers in entry-level jobs take advantage of advancement opportunities.

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  • Addressing the Middle Skills Gap Outcomes

    As a result of this grant, 670 people were placed in jobs at 447 companies; this is 82% of graduates and 74% of participants, compared to a national enrollment to placement rate of 56% for similar programs. Read this one pager for more details and outcomes from the Addressing the Middle Skills Gap Grant Program which ran from 2013-2016.

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