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  • 2017 CommCorp Annual Report

    Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Rosalin Acosta says CommCorp is “a vital component of the work we are doing in the Baker-Polito Administration to ensure that every person across the Commonwealth, regardless of their backgrounds or experiences, has access to opportunities that will improve their circumstances and empower them to change their futures.” For more, read our FY17 Annual Report.

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  • WCTF: Who Do We Serve?

    The WCTF serves men and women across the Commonwealth who are ready to engage in programming but require targeted support to succeed in employment. The population we serve includes individuals who may have experienced trauma or challenges in their past and also may rely on aid from public benefits to support their families, individuals who have been disconnected from the workforce, and people who might not have been able to complete school. Some might not speak English as their first language, have health problems and/or struggle with substance addiction, and some have disabilities.

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  • WCTF: Short Term Solutions, Long Term Impact

    This one-pager focuses on investments the WCTF made in manufacturing partnerships to demonstrate not only the short term impact they had on employers and workers, but also to highlight the WCTF’s ability to build regional capacity.

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