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  • June 30, 2016 and 2015 General Purpose Financial Statements in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and Uniform Guidance

    The audited financial statements include an unmodified opinion and represent accurately the fiscal year activity of Commonwealth Corporation.

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  • The Job Seeker’s Challenge: The Impact of Online Applications & Assessments

    In this brief we share information about the reasons behind the growing use of online applications and pre-hire assessments in hiring (particularly at the entry-level), the format of the applications and strategies to prepare job seekers to complete online applications.  This brief grew out of one of the findings from our 2013 study, Signaling Success: Boosting Teen Employment Prospects

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  • WCTF Case Study: Building Pathways and Sullivan & McLaughlin

    This case study features Building Pathways, one of the grantee recipients from 2013 WCTF Awards and how they work with partners like Sullivan & McLaughlin along with many others to bring more women and minorities into the trades.

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