At Commonwealth Corporation, we know our employees are exceptional, and we take pride in showing our appreciation! Our team has been relentless, soaring through the challenges amid trying seasons, and they continue to do so much in the name of workforce development. It is only fair that we return that energy and show appreciation for all their work. After all, how would we get anything done without our extraordinary team?  

During the month of March, we celebrated Employee Appreciation Month, and we worked hard to make sure everyone felt the love. Delmarina López, Employee Experience Business Partner and member of the Human Resources team, describes Employee Experience month as an opportunity to celebrate the year-round efforts of our team. “Employee Appreciation Month is one of the many ways we celebrate our employees,” says López. “March was a ton of fun, but our team members are phenomenal every single day. Here at CommCorp, Employee Experience is at the cornerstone of everything that we do. As leaders in workforce development, we aim to be true to our mission, lead by example, and set ourselves apart to be considered the best organization to work for. We appreciate our employees, and we believe all team members should be valued and prioritized at every organization.”  

As a hybrid organization, this year’s Employee Appreciation events included a virtual family paint night guided by a local muralist and making Fridays in March half days to focus on mental health, amongst other events and celebratory happenings.  

At CommCorp, we understand that creating a healthy work environment is critical to the success of our organization and that begins from the top down. As an entity focused on workforce development, improving the overall culture of our organization is of vital importance, and to accomplish this we are continuing our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. DEI is a key principle behind everything we do. Delmarina López says, “Our DEI efforts and the employee experience are direct parallels. One cannot properly function without the other. As we continue our efforts toward being more diverse, equitable, and inclusive across all areas of our organization, an exceptional employee experience is imperative. The transformative change starts from within.”   

Employee engagement is critical to business success. Studies show recognition is a huge driver of engagement. According to the 2020 Employee Engagement Trends report published by Quantum Workplace, if an employee feels recognized and acknowledged, they are 2.7 times more likely to be engaged in the company. Additionally, companies with a formal employee recognition program have a staggering 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. Finally, according to the same report around 52% of employees would like more recognition from their immediate manager. It is plain to see that employee appreciation is critical to the long-term success of any organization.  

Commonwealth Corporation is building a world where meaningful employment can lead to upward mobility for all. Moving forward, we will continue to remain dedicated to employee appreciation, and encourage businesses to do the same. It will create a more positive work environment, and when people feel comfortable in their workplace, they are able to share input on how to improve it. A good workplace environment starts with appreciation and collaborative efforts to make the office a better place for everyone. 

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About the author: Kellen Harrison is a Marketing and Communications Intern at Commonwealth Corporation. He is a student at Babson College pursuing a bachelor’s in Marketing and Economics.